I was first introduced to computers and technology in general in the early 1970’s. Through independent study and work experience, I was able to observe first-hand how technology has evolved since then.  I’m basically self-taught, and believe that education and learning must be ongoing in order to stay current and relevant.  I truly enjoy keeping up with website design and development best practices.

Some Background: How This All Happened

Robin Button works with very large dot-matrix printer circa 1970's

Robin Button works with very large dot-matrix printer circa 1970’s

I began working with technology in the 1970’s as a Data Processing Coordinator for Eli Lilly and Company,  where I supervised the encoding of data on magnetic tape which was in turn transmitted over data phone lines to a Midwestern location. High-end stuff! Back then, computers were as big as cars. Little did I know the role computer technology would play in my future.

After a hiatus to raise children, I began working for Public Television Channel 18, where I discovered that my preferred tasks included organizing a major fund-raiser and maintaining a volunteer database.  I acquired my first personal computer in 1987; it was a powerhouse that sported floppy disks for data storage!

IBM PC circa 1987.

IBM PC circa 1987. No hard drive … but I can accommodate floppy disks!

The personal computer soon became a household word.  I was at once a kid in a toy store! From 1986 through 2001, I was employed as a Department Administrative Assistant for the Department of Criminology at California State University, Fresno.  Voluntary service on many task forces and committees enriched my knowledge base, particularly on those activities having to do with improving communication or technology. Creating documents and solving problems with computers was an art form to me; I enjoyed that in my job at Fresno State. Working with students and watching them achieve academic success inspired me to act on my long-delayed dream of returning to college. In 1991, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Design.

The first time I set eyes on a website was in the mid 1990’s  via a Mosaic browser on a Macintosh Computer. Websites appeared to talk to me: Information organization, writing, problem-solving, and art were all combined into one on a computer screen. For years, I took advantage of any opportunities at Fresno State to learn website design. I came to realize that I had to decide whether to stay employed at Fresno State or choose self-employment as a Freelance Web Designer/Developer.  In 2000, I took the giant leap of faith and chose self-employment.

Throughout the years, the University has called upon me to assist with various web projects. Some years ago, the University embarked upon a Clean Up The Web Campaign, a campus-wide initiative to update the University Web Standard as well as provide campus Web training and support. I developed pilot websites for the purpose of testing the web standard toolkit, a key component of the campaign. Once the campaign was launched, I developed websites for key academic areas on campus utilizing the campus web standard resources, and provided support for those maintaining the websites.

By 2012, the University had staffed a web office and no longer required my services as an outside contractor.

Currently, I am enjoying work with other clients on a variety of challenging and interesting projects.